Newton School for Children (NSFC) enrolls children in the month of September, at the start of the academic year, or at the end of June, at the start of the summer program. NSFC encourages families to apply a year in advance.

To apply, families should schedule an appointment for an orientation, which includes information on the philosophy of the program, curriculum, staff and a tour of the facility. Part of the application process includes the child's visit and orientation to the program. Siblings of the children already enrolled in the program will have priority in admission, and they will receive a 5% discount. NSFC offers open enrollment periods based on availability.

Apply for Enrollment

To apply for enrollment, contact Christine via phone or email to schedule an appointment for an orientation.

Christine Tejeiro, M.Ed.
Phone: (617) 965-1705
Email: newtonpreschool@verizon.net